Plant A Tree For Your Valentine


Rather than buying a loved one, a dozen roses, why not plant a seedling tree?

This Valentine’s Day opt for a more sustainable gift of tree planting dedicated to the one you love.

Each tree, whether seedling or sapling is protected with a biodegradable rabbit guard and staked where necessary. In the Valentine’s wood, we will be planting the following trees which all have folklore story connections to love. We are planting Ash (Norse World Tree), Apple (Tree of Love), Hazel (Abundance & Love) and Bog Myrtle (Love, purity & long life). Each of these trees has a symbolism related to love. The whole wood is covered with purple heather which symbolises, beauty and admiration.

We will send you a downloadable certificate to give to your loved one on Valentines day to commemorate your gift of love.

Your £20 will also purchase a commemorative disc with both your initials stamped on and attached to the fence to mark your love for eternity!

Give someone a memory of you that will outlive your love, and know that you are contributing to a grass roots, biodiversity project at the same time as loving the planet.