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The Carbon Guilt exchange enables ordinary citizens who want to do more to positively impact their carbon footprint, to invest in grass roots carbon zero or better projects, to find community and to empower themselves to do more. All projects aim to help the environment, individuals and communities connect and gain support, whilst creating hints and tips about what has worked for them, how they can support each other and the wider world.

We have recently been successful in our launch Crowdfunder – kickstarting the planting of our first 1000 trees, hedges and bee habitats.

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We were recently successful in our first round of Crowdfunding which has enabled us to kickstart this season's planting with 1000 trees, willow beds and making a real dent in the hedgerow work. More on our story here...

Our goal is to plant 20,000 trees on our first piece of land as well as continuing the willow planting to help keep the ground in the best state for peat restoration, hedgerows and wildflower planting to enable habitat crossing and biodiversity as well as a good source of pollen for our bees. In order to keep up the momentum we still need your help.

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